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The Little Branch / Bloom!

>>Bloom! Furniture & Decor<<

- Bloom! - Forest Bench Green

Also available in lilac andteal

11 singles

12 couples

Copy - Mod


Available at mainstore and marketplace

- Bloom! - Fall reading corner

6 singles

Copy - Mod


Available at mainstore and marketplace

In World

>>Little Branch<<

- LB_Bougainvillea.v2{Animated}*Multiflowers_Pack

Bougainvillea is a tropical shrub that comes in a wide array of bright and fanciful colors. The "flowers" are actually modified leaves, called bracts, that are long-lasting and bright. The colorful bracts outshine the plant's true (but tiny) flower, much like a poinsettia. They make a beautiful statement tree that will add gorgeous color to your landscapes. These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures and animated foliage resulting in a true, life-like appearance. A choice of flower colors are readily available via an easy to use pop-up menu to keep your landscaping current. Owner permissions allow Copy & Modify to ensure that each item can be adapted to suit your unique needs.

You will find the products at The Little Branch In World Store or on MarketPlace

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