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Let´s play a game?

Atualizado: 20 de ago. de 2021

- [Kres] Cyberstar Set

Pwn everyone with our Cyberstar Set! Included is an animated chair, a desk, PC tower, Keyboard/mouse, lamp, swords and a can of our own brand energy drink...e-girl juice! You get an oodle of texture huds that allow you to mix/match 23 colours & patterns, 7 neons & more! You can even turn the horn pillow on/off and the fans rotate. We’ve also included a full perm template of the screens in case you’d like to add your own personalized wallpapers instead. The chair has bento animations & the adult version has aeros, its not mine & lovebridge integration allowing connection to lovense toys! You can get yours today at Man Cave event, open now!

- [Kres] Lush Lights

You can get yours at Kinky Event / 28th May to the 22nd June

[Kres] Gnarly Shelves

→ 3 land impact total

LI based on product size as given. Prim count may change when resizing item.

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