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- [Kres] Puppy Love Set

Puppy Love set can be purchased with PG or Adult bento animations for the Bed. The Kennel has no sex menu, just bento petplay animations with singles and cuddles. The adult version includes Physics cock & v, Aeros, LoveBridge and It's Not Mine integration - including a cleaning menu after getting messy with It's not Mine! Please note that the PG version only has PG bento animations in, but still comes with adult content due to the toys, pegboard and the cum bowl. Puppy Love set includes: Bed (bento animated pg or adult) - 12Li Kennel (bento animated) - 5Li Shelf - 2Li Treat Jar (Gives treats) - 3Li Naughty toys - 1Li Cum bowl (bento animated) - 2Li Food bowl (bento animated) - 2Li Water bowl (bento animated) - 3Li Huds to mix/match colours and patterns. UV map for the word placement on the bowls to create your own if you wish. Several huds are included letting you customize and mix/match parts of your set! There are 12 plain colours and 7 patterns to choose from as well as different liquids, food colours and more. The bowls have 10 choices of words to go on the front, or you can remove the word completely. We've also included a UV map for the word placement so that you can create your own. Anyone can get a delicious treat with the Treat Jar. When clicked, the treat jar lid slides off. Click the treats inside to be offered a cookie or a Bone treat to wear! If you click the lid again and it slides shut.

Available at the mainstore

- [Kres] Lil monsta set

Do the monster mash with our Lil Monstas! The set includes 8 different colours. Coming to this round of Man Cave

In World


- Lagom - Add on Accent walls [ Fatpack ]

Add on Accent walls are perfect for when you need that little extra touch on a empty wall. Comes with texture hud ♥

- Lagom - Wall heartmist

1Li when scripts are deleted.

Comes with hud.

Available at the mainstore

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