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Goose / Insurrektion / Madpea

- GOOSE - Home & Garden lamps fullpack

Full pack 8 Home & Garden Lams

1 to 3 LI

Copy / Mod

Avaliable at Cosmopolitan Event

- [IK] Picnic on the Beach

No Copy / Mod / Transfer

Available at Arcade Event

- MadPea Vintage Jet Ski

Summer will be a blast with the NEW Vintage Jet Ski in a Rezzer! The jet ski seats up to 2 avatars and the rezzer has settings for Owner, Group, and Everyone so all your friends can join in the fun! Just add the rezzer to any parcel of land where you have rez rights. Click the rezzer and choose from 6 color choices. When the jet ski appears, hop on and you're ready for adventure! Includes animations for large (male) and small (female) avatars plus a couple animation. Available, exclusively, at the LEVEL Event

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