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Goose / FNY

Atualizado: 31 de mar. de 2022


- GOOSE - Sophia garden set


Pillows color change

Sofa - Carpet - 2 Table - 3 Vase

Available at Cosmopolitan Event

- GOOSE - Trellis Garden deco set

2 styles included - Whithe Wood and Old Painted Wood

Gate 6 LI

Wall 3LI

Stand 1LI

Fire bowl 4LI

Deco Pot 1LI

Available at the mainstore



- :FNY: Delivery - Wild Field Poppies FATPACK

The Field Poppy is a beautiful and decorative wildflower with colorful blossoms and it's home in the hot and subtropical region of northern Africa.

Our wild Field Poppies are available in four different blossom colors red, purple, orange and blue and also as fatpack.

Every set includes seven different Field Poppy arrangements.

Copy, Mod


5LI linked

Available exclusive at TLC

- :FNY: Delivery - Clematis Viticella MEGAPACK

The Clematis Viticella is a beautiful Vine Plant with small leaves and colorful blossoms with it's home in the warm and mediterranean region of italy in europe.

The Plants are sitting on decent concrete cracks for giving it a more realistic touch.

This MEGASET-Edition comes with an advanced texture changer and includes all 12 existing Vines textures.

The texture changer will either change the texture of the plant itself and all linked plants for changing larger arrangements with just a couple of clicks.

You are also able to enable/disable the cracks and shadow layers of one or all linked plants.

Includes Texture-Themes in this version are:

Summer: Pink, Purple, Red, Blue Autumn: DeepRed, Red/Green, Magenta, Brown, Autumn Winter: WinterRed, WinterGreen, Leaves

[LAND IMPACT] 1 Prim each Set = 10 Prim Linked = 9 Prim

Available at the mainstore and marketplace


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