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Goose / Little Branch / The Green Door / Krescendo

- GOOSE - garden fence modular pack black

Gate left 1 LI

Gate right 1LI

Post 1 LI

Fence 2M 1 LI

Fence 4M 2 LI

Lamp 1LI

Copy And Mod

Available at the mainstore

The Little Branch - River Maple Tree.v1

Vibrant color and rich reds are synonymous with the River Maple Tree. The Red Maple truly earns its name, with its red flowers in early spring, red twigs of new growth, and spectacular red leaves in fall. Its dazzling fall show is further diversified with a few orange or gold shades under certain weather conditions. These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures resulting in a true, life-like appearance. Owner permissions allow Copy & Modify to ensure that each item can be adapted to suit your unique needs

Available at The Men's Department After the event you will find the products at The Little Branch In-World Store or on MarketPlace

~The Green Door~ Beckett House

The Beckett House is a 2-Story home with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, or the bathroom may be used as a fourth bedroom on the first floor. Features a Home Control system for security and texture change. The exterior vertical siding has 6 color options. Each room has 6 color choices individually to choose from. The living room and the upstairs master bedroom both have a fireplace that can be turned on and off with a click. Snow add-on is included. Footprint is approximately 23.5x19.25. 176 LI

Available at Swank Event

- [Kres] Barrel Bed - Blogger Pack

Available in: Adult & PG Versions

Comes with a texture hud with 20 colours and 9 decals or no decal choice to mix/match

Bento animated - adult version has Aeros. Physics cock & V. its not mine & lovebridge integration allowing connection to lovense toys!

15LI - Copy / Mod with materials enabled

Available at Kink Event

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