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Dreamland design / Krescendo

- Dreamland Designs - Haunted Dead & Breakfast Fatpack

* Haunted Dead & Breakfast is a NextUp!~ This is not a gacha, you can see what you are getting and you can see the next few items coming up. Fatpack is also available in Copy-Mod And 50 % Off During the event. 2 RARES, 11 Common 01. Haunted House RARE 02. Hanging Skeleton RARE 03. Floating Skeletons 04. Dead & Breakfast Hanging Sign 05. Skeleton Buddies 06. Magical Skeletons 07. Drunk Skeletons 08. Wicked Witch 09. Halloween Wreath 10. Put A Spell On You Sign 11. Sorry We’re Dead Sign 12. Go Away Sign 13.Dead & Breakfast Door Sign

- [Kres] Inflatable Tombstones

It includes four colours (Pink, purple, black & orange) and four shapes, each with its own saying.

Available at the mainstore

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