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Se eu gosto de assustar as pessoas? Sim, eu gosto.

- Evil Floating Elephant Blogger

♥Evil Floating Elephant Decor ♥Floating & Wandering Script. On/Off Option on Wandering Script ♥100% Mesh ♥Material Enabled ♥Copy-Mod-NoTrans ♥18LI

Available at the Mainstore

-The Bloody Circus Elephant Energy event

New And Exclusive

With Bubbles Emitter

Material Enabled

Copy - Mod - No Trans

Available at the Mainstore

~The Green Door~ Atherly Mausoléu

The Atherly Mausoleum is the perfect resting place for your family coffins, but can also serve many other uses. Set up a unique living space, decorate for a special event, host small gatherings, and much more. Size: Approximatedly 7x13 meters Land Impact: 36 (May change with resizing) copy/mod Exclusively at the Chronicles & Legends Event through October 31st

These adorably scary spiders make great Halloween decorations, or spooky little additions to your indoor or outdoor decor any time of year! Add a little creepiness to your cave, dungeon or treehouse, or have a happy little spider pet hanging out in your kitchen.

2LI each (may change with resize) approximately .7x.8

Available in-world or MP

~The Green Door~ Jack-O-Lantern Set

Everyone loves the fun of carving pumpkins for Halloween to create fun, funny or scary faces into a Jack-O-Lantern for your front porch. This set has it all, with a flickering candle inside, just like the one you have in RL. These have materials, and realistic textures... matched coloring and flame-singed edges just as if your carvings have been worn by the flames waiting for Halloween night!

- Madpea - Creepy Crawler Widow Maker for Happy Weekend!

Interactive spider vehicle that will have you climbing the walls!


Copu - Mod - No Transfer

Get it for just 60L$ at the MadPea Main Store

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