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Monster come out on Halloween night!

>> Dreamland Designs<<

Halloween is coming up so get ready to go all spooky..

Here are 5 new releases

- Skelly Fortune Teller

- Skelly Express

- Halloween Pumpkin Urn

- Flying Skelly Elephant

- Beware Of The Wicked Witch

They are already up in the store as new releases but will also release them on Sunday for the Secret Sale Sunday 10-03-2021 to a sales price.

The skelly express and fortune teller have sparkling turning lights inside of the glass ball...

Please always rezz a new copy if you want to use more then one.. do not copy off the item or the sparkling will stop..

The floating elephant has 2 scripts.. 1 to make it float up and down and 2nd is a movement script that makes it wander around.. It can be switched on and off on touch.

Available at the Mainstore

- Mystical Autumn Scene

New Mainstore release

Beautiful Autumn scene with Fireflies, ground lights lots of flowers and bushes plus all in the colors of autumn. material Enabled Copy-Mod-No Trans Sale is at the Mainstore

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