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Zen Creations

Adult & PG versions both included

Set changes color and size using a HUD (see photo) 28 fabric changes for cushions, lounger, pillows and curtain. All change texture separately. Unlimited texture change combinations!

ADULT MENU (245 couple animations, 15 singles):

SEX: (62 couple animations) Categories: Facing, Behind, Riding, Standing, Anal PLEASURE: (64 couple animations) Categories: Please her, Please him, Mutual, Playtime CONNECT: (119 couple animations) Categories: Kissing, Soft Touch, Pamper, Laying, Sitting, Sleep SINGLES: (15 single avatar sits) Categories: Sits Avatar 1, Sits Avatar 2

Set includes (all items are re sizable):

- Dual Lounger (with adult menu), 9 prims - Gazebo with hanging curtains, pillows and lights, 13 prims total - Potted plant, 3 prims - Potted flower, 3 prims - Side table, 2 prims - Candle set of four, 1 prim total - Mango pieces, 1 prim total - Drink, 2 prims


All items are copy/mod except lounger. Lounger is copy only but resizes fast and easy using the HUD

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