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>>Korpokkur House<<


7 LI

9 Sit animations (M*4 /F*4)

It automatically distiguishes between men and women and plays an animation suitable for gender.

To Adjust the position, just drag the mouse

to chade the animation, just touch the chair.

Wanderlust Weekend Event Opening Date: January 1, 2022 Event Closing Date: January 3, 2022

In World

>>Zen Creations<<

- Trendy Hanging Lamps

2 prims each lamp. Touch to resize

- Gallery Art Set 1, 2 & 3

Add this beautiful gallery art to any home.

2 prims total for all. Touch to resize.

- Art Shelves:

- Rain Flower Art Shelf

- Forest Art Shelf

- Ocean Flower Art Shelf

Accessorize your walls with our beautiful art shelves.

2 prims total for all frames and shelf together. Touch to resize.

Copy & Mod.

- Shabby Chic Chaise

Available in Adult, PG and Family Version

Set changes color and re-sizes using a HUD. Resize and color made easy!


(231 Couple animations. 24 Threesome animations. 52 solo animations)

An amazing sex, pleasure, relaxation and activity menu with wonderful props and features! Only the best animations. Seeing is believing, so come and check it out live, in world! All of our furniture can be seen and tested in our rezzing stations in store.


SOLO AVATAR #1 ---> 28 animations (includes sits, activities with props, masturbation and sleep) SOLO AVATAR #2 ---> 24 animations (includes sits, activities with props, masturbation and sleep)

COUPLE SITS ---> 30 animations (includes cuddles and activities with props) COUPLE LAYS ---> 35 couple animations KISSES ---> 25 couple animations

PLEASE HER ---> 21 couple animations (includes massage, touching, toys and oral sex) PLEASE HIM ---> 30 couple animations (includes massage, touching, tit jobs and oral sex) PLAYTIME ---> 10 couple animations (includes mutual oral and spanking)

SEX FACING ---> 18 couple animations SEX BEHIND ---> 21 couple animations SEX RIDING ---> 28 couple animations ANAL ---> 13 couple animations (includes ass eat/play and sex)

THREESOMES MMF ---> 10 threesome animations (includes cuddles, oral sex and sex) THREESOMES FFM ---> 14 threesome animations (includes cuddles, oral sex and sex)


- Chaise, 11 prims


An amazing relaxation, activity and fun center for the whole family! In addition to animations, there are so many wonderful props and features for everyone to enjoy! Seeing is believing, so come and check it out live, in world! All of our furniture can be seen and tested in our rezzing stations in store.

CHILD #1 SOLO ---> 41 animations CHILD #2 SOLO ---> 37 animations PARENT #1 SOLO ---> 17 animations PARENT #2 SOLO ---> 14 animations

TWO KIDS TOGETHER ---> 14 animations CHILD #1 + PARENT #1 ---> 10 animations CHILD #2 + PARENT #2 ---> 8 animations

1 CHILD + 2 PARENTS ---> 4 animations 2 CHILDREN + 2 PARENTS ---> 5 animations

2 PARENTS ---> 20 PG animations

Zen Family Menu rezzes wonderful props such as painting, family gaming, instant party with friends, musical instruments, doll houses, the list goes on and on and....on!

Each person can do different activities at the same time. Example: Mother and child can do an activity together while Father and other child can do a different activity together. Each family member can function separately or together with no overlap.

Sofa accommodates 2 Parents and 2 children. Sofa rezzes a beautiful play rug with more animation activities. It can even be used to accommodate an additional 2 adults and 2 children. Both sofa and rug can be used at the same time!

There are so many family combinations! Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Friends...have a seat and be entertained!


- Chaise, 13 prims


Chaise is copy only but resizes and customizes fast and easy using the HUD

At Zen Creations we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. All questions before and after purchase will be answered promptly

- Home Deco

Home Deco Setting includes Letters, wreath, candles, bird house. Fireplace not included.

Soft white lights twinkle on wreath and can be turned on and off by touching the lights.

Touch to resize, 100% mesh

- Layered Trees

Dress up your door with this holiday tree knocker. Touch to resize.

- Beach Ready Set

Other than the stool which has 5 seating animations, this set is for decorative use only, indoors or outdoors.


- Stool with 5 sit animations, 3 prims - 10 pillows, 1 prim each - Surf board, 2 prims - Radio (does not work), 1 prim - Towel, 2 prims - Potted palm plant, 3 prims - Beach ball, 1 prim - Beach wooden word, 1 prim

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