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♥ Zen Creations ♥

All three stools included. Each stool has 14 solo animations. 2 prims for each stool.

2 prims each lamp. Touch to resize

3 prims each pillow pile

Each pillow, blanket and lamp shade texture change separately (23 fabric choices). Headboard texture changes. Mattress can be tinted to any color in spectrum. Unlimited texture change combinations! Pillows all hide show with one touch and making appear two flat sleep style pillows.

ADULT MENU (255 couple animations, 18 singles):

SEX: (55 couple animations) Categories: Facing, Behind, Riding, Standing PLEASURE: (66 couple animations) Categories: Please her, Please him, Mutual, Playtime CONNECT: (119 couple animations) Categories: Kissing, Soft Touch, Pamper, Laying, Sitting, Sleep ANAL: (15 couple animations) Categories: Ass 1, Ass 2 Single sits: (18 single avatar sits) Categories: Sits Avatar 1, Sits Avatar 2

Set includes (all items are re sizable):

- Bed (with adult menu), 24 prims - Night table, 1 prim - Lamp, 2 prims - Book stacks, 3 prims each stack - Willows in vase, 1 prim total - Mug, 1 prim - Rug, 5 prims - Open book, 1 prim - Plants, 2-3 prims each - Bench (with animations), 4 prims - Pillows, 1 prim each - Curtains, 5 prims each - Basket with pillows and flowers, 5 prims total - Potted hydrangeas, 4 prims

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