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♥ Zen Creation ♥

Adult & PG versions both included

Set changes color and resizes using a HUD (see photo) Curtain hides/shows on touch Inside/outside of tub, curtain and towel can be tinted to any color in the spectrum. 5 chair fabrics, 5 metal textures, 4 pitcher textures.

ADULT MENU (135 couple animations, 31 singles):

BATH: (20 couple animations) Categories: Shower, Tub, Wash SEX: (38 couple animations) Categories: Facing, Behind, Riding, Standing PLEASURE: (44 couple animations) Categories: Please her, Please him, Mutual, Playtime CONNECT: (20 couple animations) Categories: Kissing, Soft Touch, Laying, Sitting ANAL: (13 couple animations) SINGLES: 16 solo animations avatar one, 15 solo animations avatar two (includes solo masterbation, shaving, showering, etc.)


- Tub (with menu), 9 prims - Shower curtain with shower head/controls, water/steam on/off, 17 prims total - Towel ladder, 2 prims - Chair with 4 solo animations, 2 prims - Pitcher of willows, 2 prims - Candle in holder, 2 prims - Candle cluster, 3 prims - Plants, 2-3 prims each - Pillows, 1 prim each - Curtains, 5 prims each - Framed art, 1 prim each

Many enjoying moments in this tub. Some intimate moments rezz out candles, rose petals etc. Some bath and shower moments rezz out shampoo and soap, etc. Many wonderful hand held props automatically given.

Complimentary towels, wraps, robes and slippers for men and women included


All items are copy/mod except tub. Tub is copy only but resizes fast and easy using the HUD

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