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Xplicit / Lagom

Atualizado: 18 de jan.

- Xplicit Foxy Beanbag


Copy / Mod

Available at the mainstore

Get the perfect light for your pictures. Set the mood with this realistic tripod projector camera. This works with advance lighting only.

Touch the camera to get the menu. The light colour uses red, green blue (RGB) input which gives you 16777216 possible light colour options.

There are options for glow, intensity, falloff, radius, and access control. You can also rotate the phone from horizontal to vertical.

The picture on the phone is set to adult censoring.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

- Lagom - Cutesy Bikini

NEW & out now, is the Lagom - Cutesy Bikini, which brings you style & cuteness all in one.

This bikini has an expansive HUD packing over 80 patterns/colors!

Offered in Legacy/Reborn/LaraX- be sure & try the demo

Available at the mainstore

- tarte. allison room divider - FULL SET

- Hanging Out Pillow

- Shaggy Rug 3D 5LI LI Erfe Design

:CP: Taylor hanging Light String

- [Z O O M] Sarie Fashion Glasses

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