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Xplicit Furnishings

Decorative TV Drinks Cabinet with cocktail making set. Wine cabinet

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

This will easily become the most used item in your home or club. Whether you want to sit solo, cuddle with your special someone or two, enjoy a lap dance, display your dominance or slam home your control; this is the one for you.

The functional footrest of the recliner will automatically ease into the correct position depending on the pose that is chosen. Open/Close footrest can also be operated whilst standing by touching the button on the side of the recliner.

Both armrest can be open or closed via touch. If you use the prop menu, most of the props are inside the armrest, therefore to see them you will have to touch the armrest to reveal the naughty treats for your roleplay.

The swap option is only available in the dominant sitter’s menu, to swap the positions of the subs.

►FEATURES INCLUDE ◄ ❶ High quality mesh, male dominant recliner ❷ 437 high quality animations M, F, MF, FFM ❸ RLV (works with or without RLV) ❹ Aeros, Physics and V enabled ❺ Its not mine enabled ❻ Touch side button to open/close footrest ❼ 100% Bento ❽ Texture menu under “Features” menu ❾ Prop Menu under “Features” menu ❿ Multi-speed animations ⓫ Auto attach Props. (Enable Experience on SIM) ⓬ Free lifetime updates ❤═════════════ BOX CONTENT ═════════════❤ ❶ Xplicit Hunter Dom Recliner (c,m) ❷ Xplicit Hunter Dom Recliner Bigger version ❸ Xplicit Hunter Dom Updater box

Please note: recliner is modifiable, however, making the mesh bigger or smaller will affect the open and close touch function of the armrest.


Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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