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♥ Xplicit ♥

Enjoy a glass of something classic with someone special and make the moment last. After or during drinks, turn up the heat and fulfil your desires with all this bar has to offer! Drinks are on the house in endless supply.

►BOX INCLUDES ◄ ❶ Xplicit Winebar Table (c) ❷ Lifetime Updater Box

►FEATURES INCLUDE ◄ ❶ High quality mesh ❷ 115 high quality animations ❸ For display purposes, touch the stool to rotate while standing ❹ Auto attach Props. (Enable Experience on SIM) ❺ Rotating stools based on animation ❻ Solo and Couples animations - PG and Sex animations ❼ Multi-Speed animations ❽ Bento animations ❾ No pose-balls, just right click and sit. Low lag. ❿ Texture and light menu via “ADJUST" button ⓫ Auto detect gender ⓬ Security for textures ⓭ Copy versions has free lifetime updates ⓮ Security options

Available at the mainstore marketplace

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