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wow Skins / Petrichor

Atualizado: 18 de abr.

- .WS./VELOUR Monique skin & shape (EVO-X)

6 WOW SKIN TONES (full body bom, compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Ebody reborn, Kahlene Erika)

5 VELOUR SKIN TONES ( Porcelain, snow, chantilly, Rose kiss, sienna, sunkiss )

NEW 6 THE SKINNERY TONES(Peach, bisquit, sorbet, rose, toffee & bronze)  

Shape c/m

no eyebrows option

evox eyeliner tattoo

shape copy / modify

Available at the mainstore

- :[P&E]:- Kairah Dress

- :[P&E]:- Kharia Necklace

The Fantasy Fair 2024 will begin on April 18th and you can't miss this incredible release!

Stay tuned, we will have much more news

I will put here the link to the Fantasy Fair 2024 page so you can follow all the LM, and the SIM that this incredible clothing and accessory will be available is SAMSARA

- :[P]:- Eyes - Blinded

100% Custom Mesh & Textures Hud controlled Shine, Shadows, Pupils, animations and bases

Intensive all-in-one HUD with 80 total colors

Available at the mainstore

>>VOID Acessories<<

>>Raven & Crows<<

- Magika - Alexandra

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