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Tm Creations / Chez Moi

-.:Tm:.C. D22 SET Spring basket Tulips -TLC 04-23

"Spring basket Tulips" with pillows & decors D22.p Basket with tulips, ivy, cloth, hat, pillows, bag, bloom flowers "Spring basket Tulips" with gardening tools & decors D22.g Basket with tulips, ivy, cloth, hat, shears, watering can, slippers shoe Land Impact: 6 each Approx. sizes m 1.6 width x 1.1 deep each 100% Mesh Permission: Copy | Modify | No Transfer You can unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish (Available in Set or single package) Available at TLC The Liaison Collaborative

- CHEZ MOI Aveena Bedroom Set

The bed comes with the following:

♥ 40 single animations (20 female and 20 male)

♥ 20 sleep-together animations (10×2)

♥ 8 enticing dances

♥ 40 animations for couples in love (20 x 2) – cuddle, kisses, chats

♥ 24 massage animations (12 x 2)

♥ 108 hot sex animations (54 x 2) – Her, Him, Masturbation, intimacy, and sex

♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.

♥ Control by menu

♥ Adjustable Poses

♥ Functionality SWAP

HUD Texture change options – Mix and match your favorite colors, fabrics, and woods to create a bed with your style.


♥ Bed: 30 LI

♥ Lamp: 2 LI each

♥ Vase Set: 1 LI

♥ HUD Texture Change


Available at Equal10 Event

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