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.:TM:. Creation / FNY

- .:Tm:.C. M32 Arranjo Tropical -Sw04-22

Tropical arrangement with rocks, flowers, plants, bushes 100% Mesh Land Impact: 16 Approximate sizes meters: 8 wide x 4.4 deep You can unlink all pieces and use them as you wish Available in permission: Copy|Modify|No Transfer OR Transfer|Modify|No Copy Available at Swank Event

- :FNY: Delivery - Coastal Chamomile & Beach Grass

The Coastal Chamomile is a nice flowering plant in the aster family commonly known as false mayweed or sea mayweed.

It is found in many coastal areas of Northern Europe, including Scandinavia and Iceland, often growing in sand or amongst beach pebbles.

The Coastal Chamomile comes in 7 different growth shapes. 5 Small and 3 Medium.

Exclusive at EBENTO

This Shower comes with 15 different HQ Animations, different Decor Sets and also virtual Water. All functions are menu driven. Just click the Shower and choose what you want to do.


Shower = 2 Prim Shower with Static Litter = 5 Prim Litter Set = 1 Prim XXX Litter Set = 2 Prim Virtual Water = 1 Prim

You can rez and derez all Items and Decor Sets by using the Main-Menu. In case that the Engine derez all Litter when you unsit the Shower, there is a Version with static Litter included for those who wants to keep the Litter permanently.

[ANIMATIONS] Female Shower Animation Male Shower Animation 5 Couple Romance Animations 8 Couple XXX Animations

[MESH INFO] Mesh is not like prim! Resizing a mesh build could increase the LI. Mesh textures also don't work like prim textures, a mesh usually only uses a couple of faces defined by uv maps, which means you are not able to retexture this product inworld in a suitable way.

Due to all this, be careful how you change and modify this product!

Available at the maisntores and marketplace

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