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Sinto-me abençoada pelo clima da fazenda.

MadPea Rusty Tractor for Happy Weekend!

Starting at 10:00 AM (SLT) on Saturday, September 25th, through 11:59 PM (SLT) on Sunday, September 26th, everyone will think your MadPea Rusty Tractor is sexy! It's harvest time! Naturally, you'll need a reliable tractor. This one, although a bit rusty, has never failed to get the job done. A wearable, driveable vehicle! Get it for just 60L$ at the MadPea Main Store

- TLC Chicken

- │T│L│C│Wearable Companion Terrier @The Cosmopolitan until May 15, 2021

│T│L│C│Wearable Fox Terrier Companion in 6 texture options, including dog bed (2 LI/copy modify). Special feature: No need to detach your dog when you sit - dog will find his bed within a range of 5m!

Available at the main store

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