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>>The Green Door<<

- The Green Door~ Huntington House

The Huntington Beach House features a wraparound porch with sliding glass doors and large windows for a full view, wherever your location.

Interior walls are an individual link, so you may recolor them if you'd like.

Materials enabled, copy/mod.

- The Green Door - Sand Castle

Add a fun sand castle to your beach scene. Features two sit locations with sand castle building animation so that you and your friend or partner can play in the sand together. Includes shovel and bucket.


Copy/Mod/No Trans

- The Green Door- Adirondack Chairs

PG & Adult

The classic Adirondack Chair is an essential piece to complete your outdoor decor. Beautifully detailed and materials enabled, packed with plenty of great animations. More colors available in the in-world store or the complete rainbow assortment in the fatpack.

Copy/Mod/No Trans

In World

>>The Little Branch<<

- LB_BottlePalm{Animated}

The Bottle Palm has a large swollen (sometimes bizarrely so) trunk. It is a myth that the trunk is a means by which the palm stores water.

They are 100% mesh and come animated with detailed, realistic textures making this another perfect choice for your beaches and tropical landscapes.

Land Impact is 3 but as permissions are both Copy & Modify can be adapted to suit your needs.

In World

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