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The Green Door / Chez Moi / Noveny

- The Green Door - Nicholas House

The Nicholas House is a charming traditional 3 bedroom home with kitchen, dining, laundry and two baths. This home is very customizable with 7 choices for exterior siding color, 6 choices for each room color, four choices for floor color and 3 options for the windows: clear, frosted or blinds. Fits a standard 1024 parcel at 23.5x28 meters and only 102 LI! The home features the Control Panel for security and texture change. As a bonus, this home includes a snow roof add-on and red holiday bows. Available at Uber with 20% Off

- CHEZ MOI Gingerbread Entry Set

Add these cute gingerbread cookies to your entry to prepare for the holidays!

Specification and content:

♥ 2 versions with ground: 4-5 LI

♥ 2 versions NO ground: 4-5 LI

Please Note: It May Increase if Stretched.


Available at Santa Inc Event

- CHEZ MOI Santa Balloon Inflatable

Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with this amazing CHEZ MOI Santa Balloon Inflatable.

Specification: 7 LI | Mod | Copy

Please Note: Land Impact may increase if stretched.


Available at Cosmopolitan Event

- Noveny - Xmas Pole

Copy / Mod / No Transfer

Available at the mainstore

- Noveny - Santa Mailbox

5 colors in the box

Copy / mod / No Transfer

Available at Dubai Event

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