• Priscilla Van Hyden

[SQUARE] / Xplicit Furnishings

>> [SQUARE] <<

- [ SQUARE ] - TETRA Console Fatpack with Decos

Tetra consiles (2LI)

Tetra Neon Floor Lamp White (4LI)

Tetra Wall Frames Pack (3LI)

Oval Decor Piece (2LI)

Grass Pot (3LI)

Table Top Book (2LI)

Demo version also available inworld as [SQUARE] - Maintore

Available at Level Event


>> Xplicit Furnishings <<

- Xplicit Nightlife Couch (c,m)

Netflix and Chill in style with the Nightlife Couch. Original Mesh Design • 720 High Quality Bento Animations • Sits 4 • Texture Menu • Physics + Physics and Aeros Enabled • It's Not Mine • C/M/NT

Available at the mainstore


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