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Sorumin / Madpea

- Sorumin- Summer Festival SET

Updated Summer festival SET. Added new sizes. If you already own this set - use redelivery terminal to get new version. Please, try DEMO first! Sizes: Legacy | Perky Maitreya | Petite eBody Reborn | Waifu Kupra | Kups Gen.X Classic | Curvy Copy, no transfer, no modify. Fatpack is modify.

Available at Reborn Event

- MadPea SkyCruiser

Unlock a new dimension of exploration as you navigate virtual skies with the all-new SkyCruiser by MadPea - your personal hovercraft adventure awaits in #SecondLife! The Skycruiser is wearable and you can use it anywhere on the grid as it seamlessly integrates with your avatar’s movements.

Available at Access Event

- MadPea Smoke 'n Toke Helmet & Plush

We have made the ultimate helmet innovation for Smokefest this year! Put on the Smoke ‘N Toke Helmet and take your adventures to new HEIGHTS by indulging in hands-free bliss as you enjoy your favorite performers at Smokefest. Now this is what we call innovation meeting practicality! Also! Plant lovers everywhere will rejoice as you carry around your favorite nature mascot: Smoke ‘N Toke Plush! This funky plush must be sleepy as they can barely keep their eyes open! Hold your plush tight and enjoy the ride at Smokefest!

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