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Sorumim / Mamere

- Sorumin- Cozy denim SET

Please, try DEMO first! Sizes: Legacy | Perky Petite Maitreya | Petite | Flat Kupra | Kups eBody Reborn and Signature Gianni Legacy Male Belleza Jake Copy, no transfer, modify. Fatpack is modify. You can change color of fur and shirt (black and white) and there is 3 options of metal colors. Also you can hide shirt and wear what you want

Available at Anthem event

- [Mamere] Sweet chestnut stall set

Stall, Flag banner, Roasting machine, Gas cylinder, Bare light bulb, Chestnut box, Chestnut paper bag and Sweet chestnut paper bag dispenser

Available at Harajuku

After the event you can find this product at the main store

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