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Sofia / Aphrodite

- SOFIA. Alyssa Outfit Set

Sofia Corleone's Original mesh dress!

7 colors. Shoes + accessories - 2 rares

✦ Maitreya Lara | Legacy Classic | Kupra | Reborn | Erika

For best results you should turn on advanced lighting to see gorgeous and shine!

Available at The Arcade Event

Adult / PG

A romantic, classic wooden piano. perfect for you and you loved one. This mesh instroment is low prim ( 8 LI + 2 LI songbook), and a treasure for every club, livig room or personal space.

Play up to 23 lovesongs via the songbook.

Sit together, play and sing together (microphone included), kiss, or let yourelf go in unbridled passion.

The ADULT poseset piano has:

3 Solo poses 7 Duet poses 9 Cuddly poses 46 Adult poses 1 Prop TOTAL 127 Animations

The piano colorchanges to 3 wood colors (white, black, beige) and 5 seat fabric colors, to fit your home.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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