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Pequeno paraíso

Atualizado: 18 de ago. de 2021

[Since1975] Pierra Gacha

Available at TheGachagarden event

The set includes 3 versions of Albatross, a standing and 2 flying versions. In addition, the set comes with the island rock shown on the picture. Sound can be toggled by the owner.

The hovering albatross move their head, and flap their wings (intended to create a natural flying effect of birds gliding in the wind i.e. they don't fly a big distance). The other flying version circle (clock/anti-clockwise). You can define the flying area of both versions (menu-driven), the setup instructions are included in your set. The set with standing albatross has a 16 LI at the size included in your set. Each additional bird has a 2-4 LI.

Furthermore all items come with copy permissions generally as well as modify permissions so you can re-size.

This photorealistic egret is a 100% mesh item with an 1 prim land impact and is animated.

We've made it so the head is animated, with the advantage that it will cause practically zero lag and will not be excluded due to the covenants that exist on some homesteads with regards to animals.

It furthermore comes with copy permissions generally as well as modify permissions for the egret, so you can resize.

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