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[Since1975] / Xplicit

Rigged mesh for Legacy & Reborn Only

Demo available

Available at the mainstore and markeplace

░▒▓██████ FEATURES INCLUDE ██████▓▒░

❶ Original Mesh Design and Textures

❷ Wear the IV stand and the IV tape. Touch the stand and you will get a menu to attach the tube to the IV tape on your hand. The tube uses particles and will follow your hand.

The IV stand attacheds to your center and will follow you when you move.

The IV tape and IV stand are unisex and unrigged.

You will need to adjust the position of the IV stand and IV tape to fit your height and size.

Please note: Lagging and movements may have an impact on the quality of the IV tube particles.

❸ The IV stand prop can be rezzed for RP and for decoration purposes.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

░▒▓██████ BED FEATURES INCLUDE ██████▓▒░

❶ Original Mesh Design and Textures ❷ 271 High Quality Animations including New Bento Animations ❸ 100% Bento for All Animations ❹ Texture Menu ❺ Auto-Attach Props ❻ Scenes and Play Control Buttons ❼ Multi-Speed Animations ❽Sits 2 People ❾ Physics Cock Enabled ❿ Copy version has free lifetime updates ⓫ Security Options

Menu structured : Male patient and nurse, solo and sex Female patient and nurse solo and sex

❤═════════════ BOX CONTENT ═════════════❤ Xplicit NightNurse Bed (11 land impact) Xplicit Medical Trolley (6 land impact) Xplicit Heart Monitor (2 land impact) (sound on/off) Xplicit IV stand (3 land impact) Xplicit Hospital Screen (9 land impact)- Folding and texture menu. Xplicit NN scene Updater box

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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