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Safira/ Stormcrow Store

- .Safira. Lovina Outfit

▸ Sizes: Legacy - Legacy Perky - Maitreya - Maitreya Petite - Reborn. ▸ Sold in size fatpacks with all the colors. ▸ 100% original mesh.

Please, try the demo before purchase.

Available at Access Event

[Stormcrow Store] Premium Ultra Realistic Cars

ABOUT MESH 100% Mesh Best Quality (The whole car, every part of it: Exterior - Interior All) Extremly detailed Mesh Optimized level of details (LODs) Mesh doesn't deform when you zoom out Fully modelled in Blender, body car, interior, dashboard, engine bay, trunk and suspension. High detailed realistic Engine Working doors, working roof, working trunk

ABOUT TEXTURES Ultra realistic baked textures that are optimized for fast load in world Material enabled, yes top of the line tecnology for your best SL experience -> Not the ugly SL shine Ambient occlusion, it has a breathtaking effect on each part of the car Every part of the car is texturized Best quality aftermarket car parts such as rims, tires, brakes, calipers and light system - The Most Realistic all over SL

ABOUT SCRIPTS KCP ACS POWERED: ACSv7.02 the most advanced script engine all over SL The best Scripts all over SL for your driving experience performance and enjoyment This Premium Vehicle is scripted and set so it drives exactly the way it does in RL, so yes you get the full experience at driving it Perfect Handling Active suspension, working rear wheels and pivoting front wheels so they turn like in RL You can set it's driving speeds All doors, roof, trunk work by a click - Special Smooth movement like in RL Interactive Menu Easy to use Menu

ABOUT HIGH DEFINITION SOUNDS Most realistic Sounds Set installed based on the Car model Open doors, roof, trunk Turn on/off, horn, iddle, speed up/down, running, rev

ABOUT LIGHTS Most realistic and strong Lights Set all over SL installed All lights work Head and rear lights, Running lights, brake lights and aditional working lights Smooth turn on/off

ABOUT POSES Driver customized pose 1 Passengers customized poses


Driver and passenger positions are well set so you will fit in /adjustable position Ultra Sensitive Automatic Transmission option - Automatic Gear Box Interactive Manual transmission - Manual Gear box Resize option Camera options Turbo Burnout Drift Exhaust Pipe Smoke when burn out Rebooting option by Menu Lock / unlock system Ejecting passenger option

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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