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Para recarregar as energias, nada como sol, o mar e meu amor do lado.

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- roslyn. "Raven Outfit + Sleepover Gacha" This sexy outfit + gacha is now available @ the CAKEDAY Event! "Raven" comes in 14 cute top + thong colors. Each top comes with 5 graphics options. Raven is rigged for Freya, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya and Maitreya Petite. Fatpacks available for tops & thongs (HUD included). Megapack available for tops + thongs (HUD included). "Sleepover" Gacha includes 9 common items, 6 rare items, and 1 ultra-rare item. Megapack available. 60 L$ per pull. Ultra-Pack available for Raven Outfit + Sleepover Gacha ♥ In World

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.::Chloe Poses::. - Silence Please

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