• Priscilla Van Hyden

Deixei o medo em casa


- LuluB! - Little Me.


Materials & Projectors enabled

Low Lag

Night sky enabled

Copy - Mod - No transfer

- LuluB! - Happy Witch - Hat.

Mesh Hat

Copy - Mod - No Tranfer

Avaliable at Level Event

- LuluB! - The Cult

Different colors available

Shimmering light effect

Low Lag

Copy - mod - No transfer

Available at the Chronicles & Legends Event

In World


- roslyn. shiloh outfit.

This sexy outfit is now available at CAKEDAY! Shiloh comes in 13 gorgeous colors + 10 adorable patterns and is rigged for Freya, Kupra, Legacy, and Maitreya. Fatpack comes with a color-change HUD. Try a demo! In World


- FNY Designs: Scary&Fatty Horrorpets Animesh

Exlusive at Hallow Manor Oct 15th - Nov 1st. Since Scary and Fatty met years ago as therapy soft toys in an old asylum they developed kind of a odd relationship and in some dark Halloween night they took the chance and escaped their prison together. They couldn't be more different then they already are and even if scary never stops teasing fatty, they can't be without each other. NO PREMIUM ACCOUNT NEEDED! Scary & Fatty are a high interactive Animesh Companion with advanced ai wandering and interactions engine based on just one rig, which means you are able to wear both of them as one Animesh. Also included is a rezzable version for the use at your place.

In World

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