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Raindale / Little Branch

Atualizado: 11 de ago. de 2022

- Raindale - Windblaze cabin - gift

Here is your limited August'22 gift! It will be available in VIP group notices (mainstore is closed for renovation until September!)

Raindale Vip Group: secondlife:///app/group/6d2c4852-7037-c2c7-8cd7-cab120967e63/about

Windblaze is a small one room cabin (footprint is about 11x13m) with detachable string lights, ropes and steps.

* originally built it with lake/seashore in mind, that's why the ropes on the sides can be removed, so you can add a pier, have direct access to water or just put extra steps (included in the package). I think it will look lovely with a boat moored on the side!

Land impact = 45 in default size

Door is scripted with Kool door system

♦ Permissions are copy|modify|no-transfer

♦ some objects show as no-modify due to the scripts inside, but you can resize, tint and change it anyway you like!

The gorgeous White Ash Tree is native to eastern United States and Canada. They are big, beautiful, branching shade trees that turn glorious shades of colour depending on the seasons. Gently animated tree with realistic textures and thick foliage, this tree is perfect for your gardens and landscapes.

They are 100% mesh and come with a choice of four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Land Impact is 3 - 7 but as permissions are Copy & Modify, you can resize to suit your needs.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

The wonderful Caribbean Palm v1 is the latest release by Little Branch and can be found at Marketplace and Mainstore.

With a long curved trunk leading to thick umbrella type foliage which is ideal for those below-seeking shade from the summer heat, the leaves moving gently in the cool breeze giving a very life-like appearance.

All 100% mesh with highly detailed and realistic textures make this tree a perfect choice to add to your Little Branch collection.

Land Impact ranges from 3 - 7 but as permissions are both Copy & Modify you can adapt to suit your landscaping needs. The pack includes complimentary landscaping items.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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