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Raindale / .:Tm:.creation / Little Branch


- Raindale - Shinyrose daybed

Land impact is 4-8 in default size (with and without canopy)

PG edition includes 27 solo and 10 couple (romantic MF)

Adult edition includes all of the above + 16 MF animations (some speed options also included 29 animations inside in total)

Classic animations are enhanced with bento hands poses/movement! You can turn it off by clicking "hands" inside "adjust" menu.

HUD driven with 7 colours for fabric and 3 colours for metal! Mix&match for unique results!

♦ Permissions are copy|modify|no-transfer

♦ some objects show as no-modify due to the scripts inside, but you can resize, tint and change it anyway you like!

Available at ShinyShabby


>>.:TM:. Creation<<

.:Tm:.Creation "The gardeners rabbits" Garden Scene GP51

Garden arrangement with rabbits statues, pot, 3 types of tulips cluster flowers. Land Impact: 4 Approximate sizes: meters 2 wide x 0.7 deep 100% Mesh Permission: Copy | Modify | No Transfer You can unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish Available at TLC The Liaison Collaborative (Open 18th March to 10th April, 2022)


>>Little Branch<<

- LB_ElmShrub.v2{Animated}4Seasons_Pack

They are 100% mesh with realistic textures and come animated with leaves that move with a gentle, graceful movement as if blowing in a breeze giving these shrubs a very life-like appearance. You have a choice of 4 seasons to choose from via an easy to use pop-up menu making this perfect for all year round landscaping.

There is also complimentary landscaping items included in the box.

Land Impact is just 4LI but as permissions are both copy & modify can be adapted to suit your landscaping and gardening needs.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace


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