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O tempo poderia parar enquanto eu estiver nesse belo lugar

- Elphinstone gazebo

Mix&match HUD

With 5 colours for stone

*2 extra metal colours


New for Solstice: The Fellowship Event

The Eucy shrubs come from the myrtle family, they have rigid entire leaves and umbellate flowers and are widely cultivated for their gums, resins, oils, and woods.

100% mesh with realistic and detailed textures, the leaves animated and gently moving as if in a breeze give this a very life-like touch. There is also a choice of seasons via an easy to use pop-up menu, just click the tree and make your choice.

Complimentary landscaping items are also enclosed in the box. Land Impact is 4LI on rez but as permissions are both copy & modify can be adapted to suit your garden and landscaping needs.

- The Little Branch – Wild Oak Tree V2 & V3

You may not know that oak trees come from those friendly, little acorns you find on the ground! These trees grow in the wild, but they’re also popular ornamental plants. Fun Fact: Wood from wild oaks is incredibly tough and durable. The naval vessel U.S.S. Constitution was nicknamed “Old Ironsides” after her oak hull survived repeated cannon fire during the War of 1812. These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures and animated foliage resulting in a true, life-like appearance. A choice of four seasons are readily available via an easy to use pop-up menu to keep your landscaping current. Owner permissions allow Copy & Modify to ensure that each item can be adapted to suit your unique needs. This item has a low Land Impact rating of 3 to 7 Li, which grows as item is modified to a larger size.

You will find the products at The Little Branch In-World Store or on Marketplace

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