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♥ Petrichor ♥

- :[P]:- Korvae Krystalis

Korvae Mesh Limb Replacement System

Lara, Reborn, Kupra, Legacy F, Legacy M, Mounds, Peach, M. Gianni, Jake Anatomy M.

Crystal Limbs for Mesh Bodies

100% Custom Rigged Mesh, Tex. Mats

Copy / Modify / No Transfer

Available at Engine Room

- :[P]:- Arrolane

100% Custom Mesh, Textures & Mats

Assortment of Celestial Items

Animated Hold on Attach

Modify, Resizable, Unisex

Copy / Mod / No Transfer

Available at the mainstore

- :[P&E]:- Calerys

Petrichor & Erch

Gorgeous and deadly

Corset, Sleeves, Pantyand Bra

Single colors available

50 Colors HUD for Fatpack

6Pack types available

For: Bell.Curv , Mounds, Reborn, Lara, Lara Petite, Kupra, Perky, Legacy.

- ^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears

- Magika - Delilah Hair

- :: ANTAYA :: Outfit "Misteria"

:: ANTAYA :: Panties "Misteria"

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