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[North Oak] + Equal10 / April 2021

Atualizado: 27 de ago. de 2021

- Living Room Essential Collection at Equal10 Karissa Velvet Couch - 7LI Sigrid Living Room Tables - (2 & 1LI Bird of Paradise - 3LI Vatos Lamp - 1LI All items copy/mod

- North Oak / Easter Decor Collection (Group Gift)

Hey hey! We have a special FREE limited time group gift out at our main store just in time for Easter! The gift will be out until the 18th and then gone! Included are cute ceramic bunnies and an easter egg decor plate. - Individual Bunnies - 1LI - Bunny Family - 1LI - Decor Plate - 1LI

- [North Oak] + Quint Rug

• Texture change, 6 colors

• Custom LOD

• 1 LI

Available at the main store.

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