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Mamere / Lagom / Chez Moi

- [Mamere] Apple Bowl

Dispenser and Holdable

Bento Animation and Bento Hold pose

Available at Farmers Market OPENS : 4Th 12PM SLT - CLOSES: 12th 12PM SLT

- Lagom - Deco digital frame

These Deco digital frames are the best thing ever!!

Simple easy directions included.

Here you'll have so many memories all in one sweet display! 

 ---- Here's the scoop 🍦----

Lagom - Deco digital frame [ Deco 15s ] 2li

Lagom - Deco digital frame [ Deco 30s ] 2li

Lagom - Deco digital frame [ Flower 15s ] 2li

Lagom - Deco digital frame [ Flower 30s ] 2li

Available at the mainstore

- CHEZ MOI Harlow Chaise Set

Modern and elegant chaise to relax and chill alone or together.

The chaise comes with several amazing animations – including bento poses:

♥ 40 single animations (20 male and 20 female)

♥ 52 poses for couples in love (26 x 2)

♥ 70 sex animations (35 x 2)

♥ Several “wearable” props as book, tea, phone, and others.

♥ Controlled Menu

♥ Adjustable Poses

♥ Functionality SWAP

Choose your favorite from a selection of colors that suit your life and your style, too – it comes with a HUD texture change option for the chaise and wood.

Touch the lamp to turn the light on and off.

Specifications and content:

♥ Chaise: 7 LI

♥ Rack: 3 LI

♥ Vase Stool: 1 LI

♥ Lamp: 6 LI

♥ HUD Texture Change


Available at the Cosmopolitan Event April 1st to April 13th

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