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Mamere / Krescendo

- [Mamere] Halloween Party Set Fatpack

This includes 5 products, which customers can also purchase individually.

Dispenser and Holdable

Bento Animations and Bento Hold pose

- [Mamere] Kabocha man Avatar


- [Mamere] Kabocha man dancing animesh

Animesh Dancing Version

- [Kres] Pumpkin Bed

Our Pumpkin Bed is available to purchase as a PG or Adult version. It includes: Bento animated Pumpkin Bed - 17Li A neon hud for the lights A texture hud for Bed The hud gives you a massive amount of customization by allowing you to change multiple parts separately and includes 24 fabric options and 16 edging / metals to mix/match! The animations are bento and the adult version has Aeros, LoveBridge physics cock and V, as well as It's Not Mine compatibility - including a cleaning menu after getting messy with It's not Mine!

Available at the mainstore

- [Kres] Petrifying Pumpkins Set

Petrifying Pumpkin set includes three terrifying carvings: The Wifi is down (3Li) Rent (2Li) Student Loans (2Li) The set includes eight colour versions that are mod/copy.

Available at the mainstore

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