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Mamere / Fluffy Stuff / Madpea


- [Mamere] Curry rice set FATPACK

Cutlet curry

Deep fried shirimp curry

Hamburger Steak curry

Vegetable curry

Pickled shallots

Fukujin Zuke

Available at Tokyo Zero (April 10th - April 25th)


::Fluffy Stuff::

- ::Fluffy Stuff:: Underwater Love Skybox

A new very cute underwater themed Skybox. It is 32x32meters in size to fit a 1024sqm parcel

40Land impact Mod&Copy

-::Fluffy Stuff:: Underwater Love deco

A new and fresh deco set in a nautical kawaii theme. 6 different objects in various colors. 1-2 Land Impact each, Mod and Copy

Available at the mainstore

In World


- MadPea Fun Submarine

MadPea Unlimited Group Gift: Fun Submarine

Dive into an undersea adventure with the MadPea Fun Submarine! This whimsical, wearable sub has bubbles, sound, and comes in 3 bright, cheerful colors. Wear your Unlimited group tag and grab it at the Unlimited VIP Lounge! Not an Unlimited subscriber? Find out more here


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