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MadPea Wacky Duckies

Atualizado: 27 de ago. de 2021

Get ready for madcap adventure with the MadPea Wacky Duckies Gacha! These crazy quackers are the new, fun way to traverse the SL grid! Plus, they're racing ready! Play for 10 Duckies (2 Rare, 8 Common), matching helmets (10), inflatable bumpers (4, that bounce you off when hit!), duck balloons, floaty piles (2), pennant flags, and a Duckie entrance (Rare). Checkered Flags for the Epiphany Exclusive and a Wacky Duckies Trophy for the Special VIP Reward! Available exclusively at The Epiphany!

To add to the fun and excitement of these super cute wearable vehicles, MadPea has created a race track at Mad City just for YOU!

After you've played the gacha, and gotten your favorite Duckie, you and your friends can square off for some quacking competition!

Find the track here

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