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Madpea / Raindale

MadPea Reapers For The G.O.A.T66 Weekly Sale

MadPea is participating in the G.O.A.T66 Weekly Sale. The sale starts at 10 AM (SLT) on Friday, September 30th, and runs through 10 AM (SLT) on Thursday, October 6th. Scare up some Halloween fun with these 2 brand NEW releases! Choose from the Reaper Guide or the Reaper Sentinel. Sold separately for only $L66 each! At this price, you'll want to get both!

Available at the mainstore

- MadPea Spooktacular Prize Reveal: Monster Moon

You'll be over the moon for this classic Halloween monster in the shape of a crescent moon. The Monster Moon, with a dangling bat, is the perfect decor for any fright night event! Hunt points needed to redeem: 1250 Prizes are at the Hunt start Find complete Hunt details on our website

- MadPea Witch's Brew Stand at FaMESHed!

Where's a witch to go at the witching hour for a wickedly brewed beverage? Head on over to the Witch's Brew Stand! It's open late for whimsical Halloween fun! This cute stand has 4 sits for a single avatar.

Available now at FaMESHed!

- MadPea Inflatable Reaper

Let the spooking begin! This menacing Inflatable grim reaper is just the thing you need to transform your lawn, store, or club into a Halloween haunt! Towering over a tombstone, he will definitely increase the fright factor in your Halloween decorating! Available exclusively at Man Cave

- MadPea Unlimited Group Gift: Clairvoyant's Crystal Ball

What does the future hold? Clairvoyants have a supernatural ability to "see" into the future with the use of a Crystal Ball. Clutched by a pair of mystical hands, this orb beckons you to gaze upon it and give it a click! You'll receive your fortune or wise advice in nearby chat. Unlimited Subscribers, wear your group tag and grab it in the Main Store Not an Unlimited subscriber? Find out more here

- Raindale - Mewbury collection

It includes 3 types of cats sitting on a stack of pumpkins (simple, with string lights and with stars)!

Touch for colour change menu (3 colours to choose)

Land impact is 1-2 (in default size)

Mewberry kitty in a basket is a Mystery reward! You can get the first Mystery box upon spending 800L$ @event (any vendor) and the second one after spending 1500L$. The boxes are filled with amazing products from all participating creators!

*My item is inside "Treat box"

It has matching colours with the main collection and also comes with colour change menu! Land impact = 1-2Li

♦ Permissions are copy|modify|no-transfer

♦ some objects show as no-modify due to the scripts inside, but you can resize, tint and change it anyway you like!

Available Satan Inc Event

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