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MadPea Bath Bomb Spa Fatpack For The Saturday Sale!

MadPea is participating in this week’s Saturday Sale. It's out now and will stay on sale through Sunday, January 9th! Pamper yourself for the New Year with the MadPea Bath Bomb Spa Fatpack! Each pack contains a tub, 10 interactive bath bombs of varying "scents," and 8 beautiful spa accessories. Just drop a bath bomb into a full tub, to watch them bubble, fizz, and infuse the water with color! Choose from 4 tub colors - Gold, Copper, Black, and White (each sold separately) for just 75L$ at the MadPea Main Store

- MadPea Year Of Romance

A Year of Romance is the ultimate game for couples! You can choose from two versions (each sold separately): One for RL (couples that are together physically in RL) or one for Long Distance (couples that are together in SL or RL but not physically in the same location). The game is suitable for every couple, regardless of sexual orientation, and the romantic tasks are all PG related activities to keep your spark alive and give you fun things to do together throughout the entire year! Every week one partner will pick a card containing an activity. The task on the card will only be seen by the partner planning the activity. Pick a suitable day and surprise your partner with a romantic task and special quality time together! Take turns to surprise your partner with thoughtful romantic gestures every week! Prepare to receive Love Notes, Love Coupons, Gifts, Romantic Ideas and Surprises! Let your love astound you both as you have a wonderful year together. Available exclusively at UBER

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Bohemian Fringed Rug Set/ADD

New & Exclusive at the ORSY Event: Start.6th of Jan Ends 21st Of Jan Rug Set Of 4 Vibrant colored Bohemian Fringed Rugs Copy-Mod-No Trans


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