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♥ Madpea ♥

- MadPea Shark Bite Ride

Sink your teeth into our JAW-SOME new amusement park-style ride – Shark Bite! Sit in the mouth of a shark as you whirl, twirl, and spin around to a fin-tastic calliope rendition of the pea favorite tune, "It's A Shark"! Click the shark you want to ride in to sit, pick your pose from the menu, then click start and let the fun begin! Seats up to 10 avatars!

- MadPea Bloggers: Flutterbye Hunt Prizes

Summer is upon us and butterflies have started to wander the Second Life grid. Get ready to hunt them in the MadPea Magical Flight of the Flutterbyes. Before the hunt starts, we kindly ask you to read the Guide For Hunters. It will give you details about the HUD and how to use it, show you what the Butterflies look like, and tell you how to collect your prizes and achievements. Make sure to read the Hunt Rules too!

- MadPea Lifeguard's Chair

For full details, see our Guide for Locations

This chair sits one avatar and includes a handful of sit animation options.

Land impact is 6, but may increase if the item is resized.

Please note that resizing items that include avatar animations will require manual adjustment of said animations.

✄ MadPea's Lifeguard's Chair is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

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