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Madpea / mamere

- MadPea Sour Sips Lemonade Stand

Beat the summer heat with the tangy twist of Sour Sips Lemonade! Our one-of-a-kind lemonade stand is here to make your taste buds dance with delight! The perfect addition to any summery sim to keep your visitor’s thirst quenched.

Animated Refreshment Stand!


- Lemonade Stand 48LI

- Cash Register 3LI

- Ad Board 3LI

- Chair 1LI

- Lemonade Cup Decor 1LI

- Table 2LI

- Umbrella 3LI

Mod / Copy / No Transfer

Available at Equal10

- [Mamere] Popcorn Bucket(Chick)

Dispenser and Holdable

Bento Animation and Bento Hold Pose

- [Mamere] Chick Refrigerator

This refrigerator contains 2 types of drinks and 2 types of sweets. I'm sure it's the perfect refrigerator for your room.


Bento Animation

Includes Coke, Canned Chu-hi, and two chocolate treats

Available at the mainstore

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