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Loa / Petrichor

- Loa - Emma Skin

I'ts compatible with Löa and Velour tones, every shade including 4 versions of the skin (with and without freckles, with and without brows), ears HD texture, 3 blushes and shape for Avalon.

Available at the mainstore

Petrichor & Erch

- :[P&E]:- Thealia Accessories

100%Custom Mesh, Tex, &Materials

Headdress in multiple Styles

Bindi, Earrings, and more

Modify, Resizable, Unisex

Copy / Mod / No Transfer

Available at Midnight Order Open Jan 20th – Feb 20th

- :[P]:- Eyes - Blinded Night

100% Custom Mesh & Textures Hud controlled Shine, Shadows, Pupils, animations and bases

Intensive all-in-one HUD with 80 total colors

Available at gothcore

- Magika - Dolly

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