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Loa / Petrichor / Serenity

- ::Loa:: Idunn Face Paint ~LeLutka EVO X~ [BOM]

Idunn comes in 24 tattoo layers [BOM]: ♥ 4 Back neck tattoos *blushed*, *black* & *red* (copy); TINT (white base -> copy/mod) ♥ 4 Coloured blushes *back neck*, *face*, *front neck* & *full neck* (copy) ♥ 1 Face & eyes tattoo (copy) ♥ 4 Face tattoos *blushed*, *black* & *red* (copy); TINT (white base -> copy/mod) ♥ 4 Front neck tattoos *blushed*, *black* & *red* (copy); TINT (white base -> copy/mod) ♥ 4 Full versions *blushed*, *black* & *red* (copy); TINT (white base -> copy/mod) ♥ 2 Neck tattoos *blushed* (copy) and TINT (white base -> copy/mod) ♥ Smoky Eyes (copy) Try the demo first!!

Available at the mainstore

- :[P]:- Eyes - Qerasis Night

100% Custom Mesh & Textures, HUD controlled shine, shadows, pupils, animations, and bases.

Intensive all-in-one HUD with 80 total colors.

Available at Fantasy Fair 2023

- [Serenity] Yumiko lashes

Yumiko lashes comes in 12 versions to choose from, only available as fatpack Tintable - lashes come in white so you can colour them as you like

Demo is available so please try it before purchasing

Available at the mainstore

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