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NAda como o nosso cantinho

- Everfae signs

Available at We Love Roleplay

5 options for signs (Enchanted forest, Fairies live here, Fairy Village, Welcome +blank) Customizable fullperm blank texture included for you to download and add your own text!

- Raindale - November gifts

Limited collection available to Raindale group members (250L to join) only in November! *The group is going to be free to join for the Holiday season (mid December to mid January) There will be 1 more limited collection for the first 2 weeks of December +some store credit for the people who paid to join until then!

- The Burlington House

The Burlington House is a brand new mesh build available for 25% off only at The Cosmopolitan Event. This Victorian style home offers a spacious open plan on the main floor with a cozy fireplace and octagonal sitting corner surrounded by windows looking out onto the wraparound porch. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom (or multipurpose room) on the second floor. One bedroom features a mirrored octagonal sitting corner as on the lower floor and the other has a walk-out balcony. Interior walls are individual links, so you may use the "edit linked" feature in the build window to recolor walls as you wish. 265 LI approximately 26x16.5 meters copy/mod Available at the Cosmopolitan

Liriodendron or more widely known by the common name tulip tree or tuliptree are known for their large flowers superficially resembling tulips. It is sometimes referred to as tulip poplar or yellow poplar, and the wood simply as poplar, although not closely related to the true poplars. Animated with realistic textures and gorgeous foliage this tree comes in a choice of 4 Seasons via an easy to use touch button menu making this a perfect choice for your landscapes and gardens. 100% mesh with a Land Impact of 5LI but as both Copy & Mod can be adapted to suit your needs. There are also complimentary landscaping items included in the box.

Available at the Mainstore

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