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Lagom / Raindale / TLC / Little Branch

- Lagom - Camping by the beach ( Adult / PG )


Covered float Blue

In Pink, Blue and Purple

Copy / Mod / No Tranfer

Available at Summerfest

- June gifts collection

Special collection for Raindale group members (250L$ to join)

Limited collection:





Beach ball

Swing ring


Signs (5 types)

1 - 3 Li each + full scene - 18 Li

Copy / Mod

Available at the mainstore

- │T│L│C│Toucan Collection

ɴᴇᴡ ʀᴇʟᴇᴀsᴇ ❤️️ 5 Toucan species, texture & sound menu, including perch.

1 LI/bird, copy modify.

Available at Summerfest

With a long curved trunk leading to thick umbrella type foliage which is ideal for those below-seeking shade from the summer heat, the leaves moving gently in the cool breeze giving a very life-like appearance.

All 100% mesh with highly detailed and realistic textures make this tree a perfect choice to add to your Little Branch collection.

Land Impact ranges from 3 - 7 but as permissions are both Copy & Modify you can adapt to suit your landscaping needs. The pack includes complimentary landscaping items.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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