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Lagom / Bloom

- Lagom - Spring sofas

Coming in beige, blue & pink in either Adult or PG.

Available at Equal10

- Lagom - Cotton rugs

When you have floors, you want to adorn them to fit your liking & you can do that with these multi patterned cotton rugs. Click your rug & find what fits best for you!

Available at Access

- Lagom - Groovy Accent walls

Have you seen these groovy walls? TWENTY! yes, TWENTY different walls (some mirrored) to liven up your home/club/party/playhouse or wherever.. these walls are very low impact and are a GROOVY addition to your SL!

Available at the mainstore

Single bento female *Seq

Single bento male * Seq

Bento Couple * Seq

Adult bent * Seq

Materials Enabled


14 LI

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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