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Krescendo / TM Creation / Insurrektion / Bloom!


- [Kres] Bunny Fan

Includes a HUD to change to 6 plain colours & 6 pattern combinations

Touch to turn fan on/off

2 LI each

Copy e Mod


>>.:TM:. Creation<<

- .:Tm:.Creation "Provence" Breakfast Tray and Vase Flowers - Decor Set D15

- Breakfast tray with teapot, cups, plate with dessert, cloth Land Impact: 4 Approx.sizes: meters 1.2 wide x 1 deep - Vase with flowers Land Impact: 2 Approx.sizes: meters 0.5 wide x 0.5 deep x 0.7 height 100% Mesh Permission: Copy | Modify | No Transfer You can unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish

Available at Shiny Shabby



-[IK] Joanna Desk Set

Copy/ Mod/ No Transfer

Joanna Desk Set - Stool (Adult)

2LI - Copy / Mod/ No Transfer

114 bento animations (Single, Cuddles, M/F, D/S)

14 Sequences (Single & M/F)

Auto attach prop with experiences

Available at Shiny Shabby


>>Bloom! Furniture & Decor<<

- Bloom! Originals - Princess Bed PinkAD


Original mesh


Single Bento Animations


Copy - Mod

Available at Dollholic


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